Computer Repair

Expert diagnostic and repair services for your server, laptop, desktop, Mac, and other connected devices.


Complete computer repair services across all of Southwest Florida. All brands, any issues. We fix it all.

Diagnostic Services

We believe that all repairs should be easy - we make sure it is. Our company is all about service and making sure that it's done right the first time. We offer many ways to make this process painless and worry free. We can pick up your device and drop it off for you, come to your house or office or you can schedule a drop-off at our office when it's convenient for you.

We offer emergency support for all computer/server repairs and network repair, quick turnarounds (as quick as the same day), and the expert personal attention and commitment to our customers that you wish you could get at neighboring computer superstores - we won't mention any names but you know who you are.

Hardware Upgrades

We believe is saving you money. If you have a machine that needs a performance upgrade to get it running at it's peak again, we can easily add some new components to get you there at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Here are some component upgrades we can do for you:


  • Memory/RAM – Upgrading or adding more memory to your computer can significantly increase performance.
  • Hard Drive – Replacing that old HDD with a new Solid State Drive is guaranteed to make your system retrieve and process data faster
  • Graphics Card – A more robust graphics card can come in handy if you notice any visual changes in your PCse
  • Monitors – Add a wide screen monitor or a second monitor give you more room to work more efficiently


Virus & Malware Removal

A computer infected with a virus or malware can make your system come to a halt. You then end up wasting a lot of your time troubleshooting this but nothing seems to work. Viruses in your computer can hide files, change how you access them, or even delete them leaving you with your data. Malware can end up bogging down your systems with unwelcomed popups, slow your internet, and display numerous scary error messages about your security. We can quickly fix your machine to remove these infections and get you up and running once again. We can also deploy our managed Webroot anti-virus/anti-malware agent so that you are safe and secure going forward.

Have an issue with your device?

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