Cloud Computing

Your network, in the cloud. Safe, secure and transparent to your users.


The Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do the computing.

The era of The Cloud is upon us now and it is enabling new business opportunities for companies of all sizes.

Cloud Computing allows your business to consume the technology resources they need, when they need them, and only for as long as they need them. With little or no up front costs, companies can put their money to use in areas with higher returns such as sales and marketing. The days of long term commitments to legacy technologies are over!

Advantages for Business

  • Scale technology resources instantly
  • Rapidly test new ideas
  • Open new offices in record time
  • Seamlessly support remote workers

Cost Savings

  • Significantly reduced equipment costs
  • Lower power and cooling costs
  • Reduced technology management costs
  • Fewer business disruptions

Advantages in Technology

  • Highly available & fault tolerant platforms
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery options
  • Built in Business Continuity features
  • Higher performance
  • Dramatically reduced deployment time
  • Enhanced security

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