Virtualization is the Future - Automate and Manage your Network

Virtualize, automate, and manage your network!

Virtualization has been topping the list of buzzwords in 2021. It's a method that allows you to run multiple operating systems on one physical machine to keep your hardware costs down.

You may have been asking, why should I virtualize my network? So, we have summarized the long debate in a few key advantages:

1. Enhanced Remote Management

If you're looking to improve your efficiency at managing your network of servers, consider using remote management capabilities. With Remote Management capabilities, operations such as troubleshooting and upgrades become less daunting since they can easily be performed from any console in the building while cutting down costs!

2. Workload Consolidation

You'll never have to worry about under-utilized hardware again when you run your software on a virtual machine. Workload consolidation enables you to run numerous workloads on the same piece of equipment, saving money and space!

3. Hardware Abstraction

Hardware abstraction is a way to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes administrators to change, update, or modify the hardware. This means that if your server needs more storage space but has already been set up with less than your needs, virtualization allows you to access more storage with no downtime - something not possible before!  

Have questions on going virtual, please reach out to us today and we can help streamline this process for you.


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