Network Monitoring

We manage your IT’s health and performance — 24/7


Gulf-Pointe ensures network uptime, reliability and security. We keep your IT infrastructure safe and operational all day long, so you can work safely.

Managing technology can be a challenge with constantly changing compliance regulations, security breaches, ransomware attacks – and then finding and retaining experienced IT staff.

Failure to anticipate technology breakdowns can put your business at grave risk.  A standard break-fix IT service model entails a reactive rather than a proactive approach to managing your IT. Our services takes a proactive approach to keeping your IT in tip-top shape, preventing long downtime and other system errors that can seriously harm your operations.

Unless you consistently update all your hardware and software, your business will always be at risk of being disrupted by a variety of security threats.

It’s important to regularly install patches not just for your firewalls but also for your computers, mobile devices, servers and other networking hardware.  At Gulf-Pointe, we upgrade firewalls and other critical network devices regularly to enhance your IT's protection against cyberthreats and increase its reliability.

We also install cloud antivirus software on your computers/servers and regularly monitor and test your local backups to guarantee 24/7 data availability.

Let Gulf-Pointe's Network Monitoring  Service take away your worry, give you a peace of mind and let you get back to the work you do best. We've got you covered!

Benefits of Network Monitoring

  • Reduced downtime - we identify and solve issues before they cause harm to your business
  • Proactive support - with our remote support, you can expect fewer disruptions to your business
  • All-inclusive budgeting - your hardware and software covered for a flat-rate fee
  • Peace of mind - we are on top of your IT systems round-the-clock

Here are just some of our advanced security measures:

  • PC/Server Microsoft and 3rd-party patching
  • Endpoint security
  • Remote access
  • Backup monitoring
  • 24/7 server & workstation monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Email encryption

Why Gulf-Pointe's Network Monitoring gives you peace of mind:

  • Minimize downtime due to cyberthreats
  • Filter spam and block productivity-draining content
  • Protect critical assets from ransomeware, malware or hacker attempts
  • Email and mobile devices are secured
  • Protection from data loss with backup monitoring

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