Email Encryption

Seamless and transparent email encryption and protection for sensitive messages and attachments.


Effortless and Transparent Email Security

Traditional email is vulnerable to being intercepted and read by unauthorized persons. Ensure your sensitive emails are seen only by the intended recipients. Powered by Barracuda®, Gulf-Pointes Managed Email Encryption is easy to setup and use.

With employees regularly emailing customers and other associates, there is a constant flow of communication, proprietary information, customer data at risk of malicious or accidental exposure. Barracuda removes the hassle of encrypted email and gives you peace of mind that your sensitive data is secure in email.

With Barracuda encryption, it's easy whether you’re emailing from the office, at home, from a mobile device or tablet. All you have to think about is remembering to include your attachment and send it on its way.

Benefits of Email Encryption

  • Proven policies filters to automatically identify sensitive information and trigger email encryption or quarantine

  • Convenient delivery to anyone with an email address through the Best Method of Delivery

  • Seamless integration with hosted, on-premises and virtual email servers

  • No plug-ins needed for Microsoft Outlook or any mail client

  • Authentication with time-stamping of recipient delivery

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